Sunday, June 11, 2017

Good Housekeeping: "Take Your Shoes Off" Is Not a Suggestion in My House

Good Housekeeping: "Take Your Shoes Off" Is Not a Suggestion in My House

by Hannah Logan

"What makes it even worse is how obvious it is that I do not wear shoes indoors. If my bare (or sock) feet aren't indication enough, check the lineup of shoes at my front door. It's not a new decoration technique; they are there for a reason. And while this is obvious to most people, there are still some who are completely oblivious.

It also implies something about how the visitor feels about a place. Shoes are meant to be worn to protect your feet and keep them clean. For every person who keeps theirs on, I can't help but take it as a judgment against me and my home. As if my living space isn't clean or safe enough for them to risk taking their shoes off. I understand that, more likely than not, this is never the intention. Given the amount of action that my Swiffer and vacuum see, I can't actually believe that visitors consider my floors to be hazardous. Still, irrational or not, I always end up feeling offended."

The author states she does not request people to remove their shoes. This is the problem. It's useless seething with anger at people for not taking their shoes off if you are not prepared to communicate that this is your expectation. Lots of people leave their own shoes at the door, but would never expect guests to remove their shoes, so she cannot assume this is a big enough clue. She is going to have to learn to be more assertive.


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