Sunday, May 21, 2017

Diana Elizabeth Blog: How to enforce a no shoe policy with guests

Diana Elizabeth Blog: How to enforce a no shoe policy with guests

"So maybe you might need some help to tell new guests about your no shoe policy, or you may decide your new home will now be a shoe-free zone. So how do you enforce it, politely?

Before I get started, please remember you aren’t going to lose friends over asking them to take off their shoes – really. And anyone who has that much of an attachment to their shoes might have some feet issues or something. Just kidding. So don’t worry about the request – your guests would rather abide by your rules than make the host uncomfortable!"


Bob said...

One of the suggestions in the referenced blog was to let people know your policy when you invite them. My wife had an interesting turn on that this week. One of the women groups she belongs to had their end of year get together at a members home. The morning of the get together the president of the club sent out an email reminding people of the event time directions etc. She also included a statement which said "as today is a bit rainy and damp I think it would be appropriate and polite to leave our shoes in the foyer" My wife felt that it was nice of the president to put that in the email rather than having the hostess feel uncomfortable

Matthew Celestine said...

Very good.

Diana Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for the link! I appreciate it :)

Matthew Celestine said...

Thanks for dropping by!