Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Catholics, Protestants and Rule-Keeping

Last month I said on this blog that a lot of British people seldom wear shoes in their homes, but have no rule about it. I wonder if part of the reluctance to adopt a hard and fast rule is because we are a Protestant rather than a Catholic culture.

Without wishing to simplify things, the Catholic Church tends to be a little more keen on rules than most Protestant churches. The Catholic Church has definite requirements for it's members. They are required to attend mass every Sunday, to attend confession at least once a year and to keep the necessary fasts and feast days. Of course not all Catholics keep these obligations, but the individual Catholic knows whether or not he or she is doing these things.

In contrast in the evangelical denomination I attend, there is no definite list of what is required of members. I find it rather difficult to know exactly what I am expected to do. I find this tends to collude with my natural laziness and fails to give me much discipline and has therefore contributed to my general lack of devotion. I find I am rather drawn to Catholicism with it's rather more formal disciplines.

I think there is something to be said for rules. They instill a discipline as we keep them.

A family without a shoes-off rule may generally take their shoes off and this helps to keep the house clean. They let guests and visitors come in with their shoes on and this might in itself not make much difference to how clean the floors are. However, their willingness not to require shoes-off of visitors will likely lead the family to be less strict about their own shoe-removal. They will find themselves sometimes keeping their shoes on and being less bothered if their children fail to remove their shoes.

The presence of a rule creates a boundary that ensures consistency.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Rural Pub

I had dinner today at a pub in a West Sussex village. I noticed a lot of customers had been out walking and were removing muddy boots or shoes to enter the pub in their socks. I don't think I've seen people do that before.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Sneakers without Socks

Recently I have noticed a lot of girls and women wearing sneakers (we call them trainers in the UK) without socks. Has this come back into fashion?

I remember back in the 90s, a lot of people used to wear sneakers without socks. When I was 15, I went to a barbecue at another kid's house. The weather changed and as we headed inside, he asked us all to take our shoes off. One of the girls was wearing sneakers without socks. She refused to go inside because she did not want to be barefoot. Back then, removing shoes in homes was a lot less common. I often kept my shoes on when visiting friends. These days the girl probably would have expected to have to take her shoes off when going inside.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Diana Elizabeth: Our No Shoe Rule in Our House

Diana Elizabeth: Our No Shoe Rule in Our House

'I thought I’d write this post to do a little explaining about why we don’t wear shoes in our home – not in any reason to convince you to do the same because I honestly I’m not passionate about this issue one bit, it’s your house and you can do whatever makes you happy! Isn’t that great?
Since I’ve been asked why we decide to go the no shoe route, I thought I’d write a little post why and you can decide if this is a route you want to take one day.'

Put That On Your Blog: Take you shoes off

Put That On Your Blog: Take you shoes off

'In civilized countries like Ukraine, everyone takes their shoes off when they enter a private residence. Beside every door is some kind of shoe cubby with house slippers that you switch into for the duration of your visit.

Now, I hear your American qualms squealing, “Ew! Sharing shoes is unhygenic! What is this, a bowling alley? And doesn’t that take like a gazillion years out of your day to take your shoes off and put them back on every time you go into someone’s house? You’re seriously chipping away at your Candy Crush time with all that added work.”

I thought so when I first moved to Ukraine, too, but you know what is actually unhygenic? Traipsing those shoes that have been all over the Metro across the bedroom carpet your babies crawl on. In my house, we’ve been obeying the no shoe rule for years. In combination with the food stays in the kitchen rule, the no shoe rule has kept our carpets here virtually as pristinely renter beige as the day we moved in–Ack! '