Sunday, November 25, 2012

I love Martha Stewart

I really do. Not only is she an attractive mature woman who has aged well, she is a shining model of those qualities that make America great.

Like so many of those American success stories, Martha Stewart was the child of immigrant parents, in her case, from Poland. She was born under the maiden name of Kostrya.

Martha's massive empire was built on the back of her own personal skills. She was great at sewing, decorating and organizing birthday parties. She used those skills to market her products and to inspire countless women.

She was practically unknown in the UK until her financial scandal in 2003. Her five-month prison sentence is one of the things she is probably most famous for. Yet she served her time with dignity and strength, a massive contrast with Paris Hilton's whining and crying.

A lot of people thought that Martha would sink after her time in the clink, yet it made her stronger and she rose again and made her company and her image profitable again.

Not only is she a truly inspirational figure, but she is also a big advocate of removing shoes at the door and asking guests and visitors to remove theirs. Most of her websites seem to offer that advice and I'm not sure it's a coincidence that the generally Martha Stewart owned Good Housekeeping Magazine in the UK is generally pro-shoes-off.

The USA needs more women like Martha Stewart. The UK does too.