Monday, August 13, 2012

French Student Arrived

My mother teaches English as a foreign language. Throughout the summer she has had students staying with her.

While I was there this weekend, a French student arrived. When she came in, she asked if she should remove her shoes. My mother explained that she would need to remove her shoes before going upstairs, where there was light carpet, but she could wear them downstairs where there is wood flooring.

So my mother is currently in the 'no shoes upstairs' camp.

Olympic Swimming

I have not been an avid watcher of the Olympics (I don't own a television anyway), but I saw some of it in a pub.

One thing that surprised me was that the swimmers came onto the poolside wearing tracksuits and sneakers. There were also a lot of sports officials on the poolside wearing shoes.

At every swimming pool I have been to, you are required to take off your shoes and socks and use the footbath before entering the poolside. I imagine the reason the swimmers come dressed and shod onto the poolside is because they need to keep warm. But do the sports officials and attendants not need to use a footbath?