Saturday, July 30, 2011

cinseven13: Shoes On Or Off?

cinseven13: Shoes On Or Off?

This was a big controversy for a while with my sister's husband's family. His aunt is Japanese, and insisted everyone remove their shoes before entering the house. Family members were insulted by it, but I didn't see the big deal. It was her custom, and her house. She was never rude about it, very polite and soft spoken, but firm about no shoes in the house. And she had one clean house!

I always take mine off. It started years ago, when we lived on a farm for a while. One of the cows, who was a very old gal, was given free range. She liked to wander around near our living room windows and look in at us, so you had to watch to make sure you weren't stepping in anything on your way to the door. Our door was in the back of the house, so there was really no way to avoid walking on the grass. We got in the habit of removing our shoes simply to ensure we weren't tracking any manure into the house. We'd remind friends and family to watch their step and remove their shoes on the enclosed porch. I always had extra slippers waiting on the porch so ladies could put them on instead of having bare feet on the hardwood floors.

I hadn't noticed this one..

Shoes Off, Slippers On Please

Somebody started a blog about removing shoes in homes without my noticing. Unfortunately this blogger only put up a few posts in 2008.

I really like this:

Remember you dont have to justify your houserules to visitors.Shoe removal is not unreasonable.
You will actually find that in reality that the majority of homes are shoe free and slippered.
The dissenters will always atte attempt to paint a different picture, just as smokers will always try and justify their addiction.
You are not asking people to get undressed, simply take of their shoes. You are protecting your investments, your families health and just chilling out in your comfy slippers.

Set the Stage: #1 Home and Life Improvement Tip: Removing Shoes in the House

Set the Stage: #1 Home and Life Improvement Tip: Removing Shoes in the House

The same reasons why you wear shoes outside of your house is the same reason why you wouldn’t want to wear shoes in the house. There’s dirt and a long list of unmentionables that you wouldn’t want to track into your private living space. Imagine if the high traffic dirt paths were eliminated, mystery goo disappeared, rocks, sand, and other sharp objects, including heels and cleats didn’t cause additional and ongoing damage to your floors. How much time and money would you save on cleaning, maintenance and replacement costs?

When I mention it, it’s agreed that it’s a good idea, but the ones who express the greatest challenges about maintaining their carpet or other flooring are also the ones who make every excuse about why they can’t do it or that their kids won’t do it or they can’t ask their guests do it, and the list goes on.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mandalorian Etiquette

One of the great things about Star Wars is that there is information about every single detail and corner of the Star Wars galaxy.

The Mandalorians are a race of nomadic warriors, the most famous of which was Boba Fett, who appeared in the movies Attack of the Clones, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

According to an article in the Star Wars online encyclopedia, Wookieepedia, removing boots when entering homes is a vital part of Mandalorian etiquette.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not quite consistent

I went to a fashion retailer in Hastings the other day. An assistant went into the window to change the display. She did not remove her sandals before stepping in.

The next day I saw another assistant cleaning the same window in the same store who was in her bare feet. I wonder whether the store manager prefers shoes on or off when in the window.

The Spanish Student

I am on holiday this week and staying at my parents' place in Hastings.

My mother has started English teaching. Her first student arrived this week, a 16-year old boy from Spain. Spain is of course a country where removing shoes in homes is not very common at all.

When he arrived he did not remove his shoes, despite the rain outside. This may not be Sweden, but most English people would remove their shoes or at least offer in bad weather. He kept his shoes on during dinner.

Nevetherless, after he had been here for about an hour or so he started copying us and began leaving his shoes at the door and continued to do so every time he came in from outside.

Monday, July 11, 2011



HIPRF stands for Herbicides, Insecticides, Pesticides, Rodenticides and Fungicides. These are chemicals that are used to deal with weeds, insects, spiders, slugs, mice and fungus. They are used in all sorts of places, particularly outside, on lawns, pathways and driveways.

You do not know how often you are picking up these chemicals on your shoes. If you wear shoes in your house, you are introducing them onto your floor and into the dust that you breath. HIPRFs are toxins that are designed to kill lifeforms. Hence they can present health risks, particularly to children.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Medical Conditions


If you read internet discussions about the subject of the shoes-off rule, you will find countless people who claim to have a medical condition that means they must wear shoes all the time. If these discussions were representative of the population; nearly half the people in the USA have such a medical condition. I do not believe it.

Yes, there are some people who do have a genuine medical reason for not removing their shoes. We must make exceptions for them.

Some people say having a shoes-off policy causes embarassment for such people because they must reveal their condition. However, this is quite unnecessary. A person with a medical condition can simply say:

I am sorry, I can't take my shoes off. Doctor's orders.

She does not need to reveal the nature of her condition. She does not need to give any embarassing details. There is really no problem here.