Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"No work boots beyond this point"

I walkede past a training centre in an industrial estate yesterday. At the door of the training centre was a sign that said "No work boots beyond this point." I had not seen a sign like that before. Very sensible of the firm to want to look after its floors.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

'Housey' programmes

I don't have a television in my apartment. I don't feel the need to watch t.v. And here in Britain, you have to fork out money to buy a t.v. licence.

Nevertheless, because I am in the hospital staff room quite a lot, I am watching quite a bit of t.v. at the moment.

There are loads of programmes on t.v. about houses. Programmes about selling them, decorating them and renovating them. My ex-girlfriend used to call them 'housey programmes.'

I have noticed that the presenters of these programmes seldom remove their shoes when visiting homes. I guess that does not fit their swish presenter image. Please let me know if you know any exceptions to this.

I did see an exception the other day. In a programme about buying houses, a presenter was showing a couple around some stylish house. They kept their shoes on the ground floor (hardwood), but removed them when viewing the upstairs, which was partially carpeted. Of course, you should remove your shoes on a hardwood floor as well as a carpet, because wood floors get scratched and worn. The lady in the couple was wearing heeled boots as well.

Hospital staff

As a part of my job, I spend quite a bit of time in the staff room at the hospital.

A nurse removed her shoes during her break the other day. A little unusual. I have noticed that the nurses seldom remove their shoes during their breaktimes, despite being on their feet all day. I expect the reason is that they worry their feet will smell quite a bit as a result of their very active labours.